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Payouts Service screenshots

Follow the screenshots below for a general tour of Payouts Service.
Enabling Payouts Service

Once you’ve decided to use Payouts Service, getting started is simple and quick.

First, you’ll use your to connect your site to Payouts Service. With your account validated and your site connected to ours, all you have to do is enable Payouts Service in your AffiliateWP settings.

At this point, your affiliates need to be made aware of your new payout method.

Choose to connect to Payouts Service
Validate your account
Register your site with Payouts Service
Enable Payouts Service
The affiliate experience

Enabling Payouts Service gives you the ability to create a seamless, branded experience for your affiliates.

When your affiliates visit the Affiliate Area you’ve provided using AffiliateWP, display a notice encouraging them to have their earnings paid through your new payout method. This can be done using the notice functionality provided by Payouts Service, as well as your own creative approach.

By default, your affiliates will see our brand colors and logo when interacting with various parts of the system. If you’d like to take control of the experience by removing our brand colors and displaying your own company logo, get in touch.

Encourage your affiliates to register
Affiliate Area encouragement notice
Affiliate registration
Affiliate payout method form
Affiliate successfully registered for payouts
Processing payouts

This is where the fun begins. Payouts Service makes it easy and painless to pay your affiliates. It all starts in your WordPress dashboard.

After you’ve reviewed your referrals and you choose to initiate a payout, you’re immediately presented with an invoice that’s ready for payment. You have the option to pay via debit/credit card, ACH direct debit, or an alternative method such as PayPal or wire transfer.

Once you’ve paid the invoice, it may take anywhere between 2 and 14 days for your affiliates to receive their earnings through the payout method they chose during registration.

Unpaid affiliate referrals ready for payout
Configure payout details
Initiate payout through Payouts Service
Pay your invoice using your preferred method
Successful invoice payment
Payout successful!